Dedicated Planner

No call centers to worry about. Instead, you’ll have a dedicated relationship with your personal CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER who is supported by a team of in-house experts.

Transparent, Flat-Fee Pricing

We charge a flat, annual fee tailored to you and the services we are providing. We aren’t compensated based on the assets you invest, so your fee doesn’t increase when your assets increase.

Fiduciary Guidance

A “fiduciary” must act in your best interest at all times. All Facet planners are CFP professionals—and fiduciaries—and will always provide financial advice that is in your best interest.

Financial Hub

All of your financial data, in one secure and easily accessible place. Snapshots of your financial life displayed in a helpful dashboard so you have a clear picture of your finances at your fingertips.

Intuitive & Simple Plans

We have reimagined the planning process and have created plans that are simple, actionable, and—most importantly—designed for you. Your plan will grow and change alongside you.​

Holistic Financial Life Management

Your financial life needs more than just asset management so your dedicated planner will support all of your needs through a custom, dynamic plan, designed to help you achieve your goals.

Your experience at Facet

At Facet, you’ll experience financial planning the way it’s meant to be. Financial planning built just for you. Your dedicated CFP® professional will develop a personalized financial plan designed to help you achieve your goals—big and small and everything in between. And because you pay a flat, annual fee for the advice you receive, you won’t have to worry about paying more when your assets increase. No sales. No pressure. Just the right financial advice at an affordable price.

Why people work with Facet

Facet Robo Advisor Traditional Financial Planner
Dedicated CFP® Professional      
Financial planners not incentivized to sell      
Fees based on services clients use      
Do not charge based on AUM      
Easy access to advisors, including after business hours      
360° financial plans      
Empowering tech platform to help achieve goals      
Demystify and simplify financial planning process      
Subscription based service models      
Low cost investment portfolios      
Customer service with someone you know, not a call center      
Ability to work with your financial advisor from anywhere      

Key Questions to help you find the right financial planner

Your dedicated financial planner at Facet will always be a CFP® professional. What does this mean? It means your planner has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the right solutions for you and your goals. CFP® professionals are held to a fiduciary standard, which means they must always do what is right for you.

Facet’s CFP® Professionals are part coach, part advocate, all partner. We are in this with you. Our holistic approach puts the emphasis on your entire financial life—not just your investments. Ultimately, we help create a path towards financial prosperity and peace of mind while also serving as a guide for everyday life. We know that everyday financial decisions have a huge impact on your life, so for us, no question is too big or too small. For a complete list of the services we offer, visit

Facet charges a flat, annual planning fee that is based on the services needed to help you achieve your goals. At Facet, we believe a flat annual fee that is not tied to your assets better aligns your CFP® professional with you and your goals. The flat fee ranges from $1,800 to $6,000. You will work with a member of our team to determine the right services and the appropriate fee for your situation.

To help you decide if Facet is the right choice for you we go through a 3 step process: 

1 –  15 minute introductory phone call to discuss your goals, what matters most, and what type of relationship you are 

looking for—a member of our team will walk you through how we work with clients and what the next steps are. 

2 – 45 minute discovery session with your client success manager to discuss what services make sense for your family 

and to determine the appropriate fee. There is no charge or obligation for this goal-setting discovery session—we want you to have the time to make sure this is the right fit. 

3 – If and when you are ready, sign up and we can start planning your future!

Facet’s clients work with a dedicated CFP® professional to form a personal relationship built on trust. We understand that finances can be a very personal matter, and, at Facet, you will have a planner who knows you and your goals and can develop your personalized plan while maintaining their fiduciary responsibility to you. Though we are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, our CFP® Professionals work with clients nationwide via videoconference. This helps foster a personal relationship, allows for a collaborative planning experience, and makes the planning process convenient for you.

How We Can Help

Retirement Planning

Simple, Actionable Retirement Plans

Saving for retirement can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Your Facet advisor will work with you to understand the best ways to save and to prepare for retirement and help put together a step-by-step plan to reach your goal (and by the way, we don’t believe in sacrificing fun along the way).

Education Planning

Create a Roadmap for College

Providing for your child’s education is a wonderful achievement, but it can be expensive. Your Facet advisor will help you understand the ways to save for and to pay for college, and will create a plan to help your future graduate.

Life Planning

A Plan for What Is Possible In Life

Your conversations with your Facet advisor will go beyond just finances. A financial plan is a means to an end: it should help you achieve what is most important in your life. Your advisor will help design a plan that allows you and your family to create lasting memories while planning for a secure financial future.

Asset Management

A Portfolio Designed for You

Asset management is an important part of your financial plan. A well diversified and properly constructed portfolio can help you achieve your goals over the long-term. Your Facet advisor will work to create a custom portfolio solution that is designed around your specific needs.

Income Tax Planning

Tax Efficient Strategies for Your Money & Assets

Being smart about long-term tax strategies can be one of the best ways to create and maintain wealth. Facet will work with you to devise the best strategy to minimize tax exposure–now and in the future. 

Insurance Planning

A Plan to Protect Your Family & Your Assets

You work hard to provide for your family, and your financial plan should make sure that is never in question. Your Facet advisor will help you navigate the complexities of insurance to design a plan that protects the people you love and the wealth you have created.

Estate Planning

A Plan to Care for the Ones You Love

Plan for your best life but prepare for the unknown. If we are being honest, this is never a fun conversation, but it is important to have a plan for the ones you love. Your Facet advisor will work in concert with your attorney to implement a plan to provide for and to care for your family.

Legacy Planning

Providing for Generations to Come

Whether it is planning for future generations of your family or providing for an organization or charity that is important to you, your Facet advisor will help you create a plan to provide a meaningful legacy. A financial plan, if properly structured, can be a great way to create a lasting impact for your children and grandchildren.

Retirement Income

A Plan For Your Best Chapter

The transition from a career to retirement can be daunting, but we think it should be a celebration. This is your best chapter yet! Your Facet advisor will help you create an income plan around Social Security, pensions and retirement account distributions to enjoy the retirement you worked so hard for.

See for yourself why we’re one of the fastest-growing national financial services companies.