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Experience the clarity and confidence of having personalized advice for all the financial decisions that impact your life.

We’re one of the fastest-growing financial services companies, as seen in:

We’ve built financial planning for all that you are

For Every Facet of Your Life

Your financial needs go beyond investing, so we do, too. Our expertise doesn't stop at retirement and investment planning; we also guide you through major purchase decisions, what to do after you get a raise, and more. We’ll create a roadmap that reveals choices you didn’t know you had, manage it through life and market changes, and even help execute your plan.

The Highest Level of Financial Planning

Our work begins with a relationship. Whether you have assets or not, you’ll be paired with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who will get to know your financial life story. All Facet Planners are CFP professionalsthe highest certification availableand ours don’t receive any commissions and have no products to sell.

Customized, Innovative Investing

We view investment management as just one of many tools for achieving great financial outcomes. Our CFP professionals take an advanced, proven approach based on your priorities, age, financial picture and risk tolerance. We remove human error from our investment strategy, and our investments carry the lowest possible cost.

Affordable, Fixed Fees - No Surprises

We keep your costs fixed and affordable, with no hidden charges and no asset minimums required to work with us. And because we base your fee on your needs, not your assets, it won’t increase as your money grows, which makes a big difference in how much you’ll pay over time.

Financial planning for all that you are

Technology That Works With You

Facet uses technology to keep our work affordable, high-touch, and impactful. You’ll meet virtually with your planner four times a year (on average), around your schedule. Our clear, easy-to-use platform keeps your information accessible anywhere, anytime.

How We Work With You

Take a closer look at what it’s like to work with Facet.

Meet your CFP Professional at Facet

You’ll work virtually one-on-one with your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional--the highest possible certification--and go into detail about your full financial life story to surface what matters most to you.

Build a Plan and Put it Into Action

You’ll work with your CFP professional to establish a strong foundation, reveal choices you didn’t know you had, and ensure you’re making the right ones. We’ll also work with you to execute your plan.

Nurture Your Plan

Since your financial plan needs to keep evolving based on what’s changing in the world and in your life, we meet with you quarterly (on average). Your CFP professional is also available to you when questions arise.

Learn more about how we build a personalized, high-impact plan to create your best financial outcomes.

We’re one of the fastest-growing financial services companies

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Frequent Questions

When it comes to financial planning, you need a trusted advocate who looks at the big picture–including, but not limited to, your investments. Your planner should advise you on the financial aspects of life events like retiring, having a baby, or starting a business, and they should keep up with your evolving needs with regular check-ins. That’s why our advisors meet with clients four times a year, on average, and check in as needed between meetings. And our subscription model means you’ll get uninterrupted advice, with no sales pitches.

At Facet Wealth, every single client has their own CFP professional that works with them one-on-one. The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification–or the CFP certification–is the gold standard in the industry. CFP professionals are rigorously trained in 72 areas of expertise, and must accrue thousands of hours of experience prior to certification. They are held to fiduciary standards and prioritize your best interests above all else.
Typically, financial planning fees are based on a percentage of your assets, so your cost increases along with your wealth. At Facet Wealth, we charge a fixed fee based directly on your needs. This gives us the freedom to serve anyone, regardless of their assets, instead of working only with people who have already accumulated significant wealth. This model also lets us help our clients build brighter financial futures overall, rather than focusing on investments alone. And, because our Facet CFP professionals don’t sell products or make commissions, they are focused only on your best outcomes. This big-picture approach to financial planning is supported by a fixed subscription fee, so you can have consistent financial advocacy whatever your needs may be. 

By working virtually, Facet gives you access to the highest level of financial planning available, wherever life takes you. With a growing staff of over 100 CFP professionals working virtually, we can match you with someone who’s perfect for your unique needs, regardless of location. We’ll meet with you according to your schedule, without the hassle of commuting to an office. Working virtually also allows us to offer the highest level of financial advice at an affordable cost (it’s also why we grew 4x in 2020 alone!).

Grow Your Knowledge

We think financial planning information should answer more of the questions we all have and be less complicated. Learn about how we approach personal finance through our library of free articles that will help you deepen your financial literacy.

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